Why You Should Visit Pennsylvania In The Winter Time


Pennsylvania is a lovely country to go and visit – especially in the winter time when the snow has fallen and it coats all of the trees, buildings, and roads. It’s not only a beautiful sight to see, but there are plenty of things to do too.

Here’s a few ideas.

The Accommodation

There are many different wonderful places to stay when visiting Pennsylvania. The hardest part will be deciding on where you would like to stop. But why limit yourself to one place when you can move around? Why not start the trip with some hotels in Intercourse, PA, and then move on to some others in Delaware, PA. There is no reason you can’t stop at different states for a good rest before carrying on your trip. If you were feeling extra adventurous, you could even camp out for a few nights and experience the great outdoors.

The Winter Festivals

Pennsylvania is known for throwing the best winter festivals around. Not only do they offer all the best kind of winter activities, but they indulge in magical ice sculpture displays, ice skating performances, and even the best belly-warming cookoffs you could ever imagine – fun for all the family.

The Snowmobiling

If you like to feel the power of a strong beast under your grasp, then you will need to try snowmobiling. You get to control your own motor that will be covering thousands of miles of roads, trails, and then big open fields like the state forests and parks that are covered in a blanket of snow. You will be able to choose whether you opt for a stunningly scenic route, or if you prefer to speed off on the straight runs, testing your skills (or lack of).

The Dogsledding

If you love animals as much as the locals do, then you should definitely put yourself up on the list for a dogsledding excursion. You get to take on a journey through the magical winter woodlands of Nemacolin by the most adorable tail-wagging Alaskan Huskies. It doesn’t stop there though; you will even get the chance to have a kennel tour which, of course, means meeting all of the lovely little helpers close up and personal.

The Cross-Country Skiing

Regardless of whether you have already skied before or not, this is a great activity to do for everyone, no matter your level. Don’t worry if you don’t have any equipment, as you will be welcomed with all the essential gear. If you’re an advanced skier, you can take advantage of hitting the high slopes and even performing some stunts if you’re brave enough, while the beginners can take it slow with their own instructor at the ready.

The Snow Tubing

If the skiing seems a little too intimidating for your liking, then maybe snow tubing will suit you better. Essentially you fit into the tube comfortably, and then slide down all of the slopes. This is super fun, and is great for both children and adults. Plus, you don’t even have to worry about dragging the tube back up to the top of the hill, because there’s rope tows and magic carpets that will do that for you instead.


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