Why All Dads Need A Fitbit

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Do you have a Fitbit? If so, how do you like it? It is so important as a dad to demonstrate good health practices to our kids. Today, I’m going to explain why all dads need a Fitbit to help manage health. I’ll talk about why I love it, go over its features, and give you some guidance as to where to buy one. I’ve also written some other blog posts on health so I’ll share those at the bottom.

Dads Need to Demonstrate Good Health Practices at Home

Our kids are constantly watching us and everything we do. As a daddy, I truly believe that it is my job to instill good health practices. I really want to be around for my family for a very long time.

If we are diligent with exercise and proper nutrition, our kids will see this good behavior and imitate it. Getting our kids involved in their own health decisions sets a good foundation for the way they will treat their bodies in the future.

So here’s why I recommend the Fitbit as the best device to assist us in meeting our health goals…

Fast Charge and Good Battery Life

The Fitbit itself is just like wearing a watch. My Fitbit Blaze pops out of the band so that it can go in for a quick charge. When I say a quick charge, I mean in less than one hour! I am so impressed that I can get 2 full days of battery life between charges. When the charge is over, I simple remove the Blaze from the charger, pop it back into the wrist band, and off I go again – couldn’t be simpler!

Intuitive Features

I love all of the features my Fitbit offers. I can track my fitness, my goals, my food intake, and even challenge fellow Fitbit users. The Fitbit app allows you to add friends very easily for friendly competition. The  Fitbit Blaze also allows me to get many of my iPhone notifications including incoming calls, text messages, email alerts, and calendar reminders. I love being able to look at the caller ID on my Fitbit to see if I even need to get my phone to answer a call. A quick twist of my wrist towards me automatically opens up the notifications for easy viewing.

Free and Customizable App

The Fitbit app comes free of charge with the purchase of your device and easily syncs up with your Fitbit. Data from your device is collected and shared with you in the app.  Check out these really cool app features:

Monitor Sleep Habits

Why All a Dads Need a Fitbit
The Fitbit actually tracks when you go to sleep and when you wake up. The data syncs with the app and allows you to set a sleep schedule. If I wanted to know how much sleep I got last week, I can see it in the app.


Track Exercise

Why All a Dads Need a Fitbit
Easily track your exercise habits with the Track Exercise feature.  Set weekly goals and monitor previous activity.


Manage Weight Easily

If you want to gain or lose weight, the Fitbit app allows you to set up a plan to do so, and monitors your progress. Simply enter in the data and it will help you establish a plan.


Hourly Activity Tracker

Why All a Dads Need a Fitbit
The app shows you how much activity you complete per hour and gives you a running log.


Track Nutrition

Why All a Dads Need a Fitbit
The app helps me by establishing a nutrition program and exercise plan. What I really love about the exercise plan is that I can choose an easy plan or a hard plan. The home page of the Fitbit app shows me my weight loss progress. Amazing!


Customize Your Home Page

Why All a Dads Need a Fitbit
I can edit the apps home page to see more or less of what appeals to me and my fitness plan. You can also change the style of the clock, edit which phone app notifications will appear on your Fitbit, and set other automated options.


Explore and Participate in Fitness Challenges

Why All a Dads Need a Fitbit

The Challenges feature allows you to find and participate in many different kinds of fitness activities and challenges. Learn about major events or participate in personal challenges.


Find Friends and Family for Friendly Competition

Why All a Dads Need a Fitbit

Find family and friends inside the app and participate in friendly competition.


I highly recommend all dads invest in a Fitbit device. We need to be around a long, long time for our families, and we need to demonstrate healthy living to our kids. My kids have already expressed interest in having one so I think having us do a family competition would be so much fun!


Speak Up About Fitbit

Do you have a Fitbit? How do you use it to manage your health? I’m interested to hear stories about how it’s made your lives better! Let me know in the comments section!

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