Why You Aren’t Getting Clicks On Affiliate Links

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Today, I want to talk about ways you can boost the amount of clicks you get on your affiliate links – especially when you are not a marketing expert or salesman.

Affiliate links and banners look fantastic if placed right on your site, but are useless without visitors clicking on them. You want to make your site one of the best blog sites on the web and take advantage of the affiliate income benefits that can potentially come along with it.  Whether you make your own blog or you have someone else make a blog for you, make sure you have the best affiliate marketing strategy possible to maximize income.

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You put too many links on your site

Have you ever visited someone else’s site and were immediately overrun with ads and affiliate links? Have pop up ads gotten you frustrated? If so, then you are a victim of too many links and ads. If your site is overrun with links and ads, you will detract from your readers’ experience. I usually close out of the website and look for another site with the same information just to avoid the clutter of ads. Posting too many links reduces the faith your readers have in you because they get the impression you are just there to make a sale.

Your links don’t relate to your post

If I’m writing a blog post about baking, the last thing I should link to is a link about fashion. Writing a blog post about one thing and linking to another doesn’t lead to sales. Make sure the links you leave are related to your post and are of value to your readers. Don’t link to a toaster if you hate the toaster.

You aren’t connecting enough with your readers

By now, I hope you have some type of email marketing plan and are actively using it properly. Connecting with your readers more than just sending them your latest blog post is a great way to establish real relationships and build trust. The more your readers trust you, the more they will trust the products you promote.

You aren’t monitoring the source of your traffic

Do you monitor the source of your traffic today? If not, it’s time to get started. Understanding where the traffic is coming from is key in maintaining your site’s success. The best plugin for WordPress is Google Analytics. It gives you all the crucial information you need to organize your affiliate links for the best possible conversion rates.

You aren’t writing powerful content

If you aren’t getting many, if any, clicks on your affiliate links, not writing powerful content could be a major contributor. Focus your content around a carefully chosen keyword that is known for boosting loads of traffic. I recommend Google’s Keyword Planner for this. Alongside proper keyword planning, make sure your content is valuable, focuses on your readers’ needs and drives them to making a decision that will solve a problem.

You aren’t incorporating a social media strategy

Did you know you can put affiliate links on Facebook and Twitter? Utilizing your social media accounts to boost your affiliate links can be done, but do so smartly. Make sure to disclose in the post the presence of an affiliate link and use popular hash tags to increase visibility on your post. If you have a strong presence on Pinterest, it’s a great spot to post your affiliate links. Most of my affiliate traffic comes from my pins. Of course, I don’t use Pinterest without the help of Tailwind.

You’re choosing the wrong products to promote

When you first sign up on sites such as Shareasale, it’s very tempting to join many affiliate programs. Resist! Only promote products of value and products that you use. The better products you recommend, the greater trust readers will have in what you have to say. Choosing the right programs to participate in is key in driving success and earning a solid income through affiliate marketing.

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Are you ready to go back and improve your affiliate marketing strategy? Are there other tips you’d recommend that I add to this post? Sound off in the comments below!

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