Workout For Wimbledon

Workout For Wimbledon

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Top tennis players spend months preparing for the biggest tournament of the year, Wimbledon. That means that they start working out almost as soon as the previous year’s tournament ends. To succeed in Wimbledon, you have to be agile, extraordinary and determined. Now, there’s probably no one reading this article who’s competing in the tournament in July, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as inspiration. Tennis is a great sport to take up for a variety of reasons.

First, it works out every area of your body. Swinging the racket will build up your upper arm strength and boost those chest muscles. While running around the court will increase your stamina dramatically, although the first couple of sets you’ll definitely be catching your breath.

Kids love it too so if you want to workout with your children this is a great opportunity. One of the brilliant things about tennis is that it’s easy to enjoy even if you don’t have much skill. You can send a few hits towards children that are soft enough and slow enough that they’ll be able to get the ball back across the net.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Because if you’re going to take up tennis, you need the right kit.

Perfect Racket

Finding the right racket for tennis is about two things. You need the perfect grip and a good spring in your racket. You want to make sure that you get that perfect bounce when the ball hits it that will easily send it flying at rocket speed. You might be surprised to learn that the secret behind some of the killer serves of the pros is just a great tennis racket.

Comfortable Sneakers

You’re certainly going to feel it if you’re not wearing the right shoes for the tennis court. They need to have enough give that your feet aren’t squeezed while still keeping them in place, so you don’t get blisters. Don’t forget, you’ll be diving around the tennis court a lot through a few sets even if they only last a couple of minutes. That can quickly cause agony with the wrong trainers. Luckily, Adidas online stores and other similar brands sell sneakers designed for tennis. They give you the right grip while still providing the ultimate level of comfort you need.

Energy In A Flask

Your final purchase? That should be a flask that you can store an energy drink and another one for water. You need both, one to keep you hydrated and the other to provide the kick for those strenuous lunges. You can’t jump a foot off the ground and swing the racket like lightening without the sugary goodness that energy drinks provide, that’s for sure. Don’t leave until you build up a sweat though. Those energy drinks are packed full with calories, and if you’re not working out properly, it will definitely affect your waistline.

Does tennis sound like a sport you should try this summer? We think if you give it a shot you’ll love the way it feels when you make that perfect serve.


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